The Wines

Anna Ghisolfi

Enrico Merli, my husband, personally curates the wine list. It is a selected and thoughtful representation of labels that have been chosen to accompany the menu I offer. The wine is an ally of the food, not a complement.

Enrico Merli e il Timorasso

Prominent among the five thousand bottles in the cellar is the almost complete collection of producers of Timorasso, the iconic wine of the Colli Tortonesi, with the availability of vertical tastings of this wine renowned for its longevity.

This selection is complemented by high-level and niche products from the Piedmontese, Italian and international scene. The main characteristics of our wine list are territorial depth, richness, variety, approachability and, above all, usability.

Every wine on the list, in fact, can be tasted by the glass, the cost of which is calculated as a percentage of that of the bottle.

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