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Anna Ghisolfi

My menu unfolds with immediacy: a dance of simple and fun tastings, to be discovered like a game.

The main courses refer to the local traditions and border contaminations of this Piedmont wedged between Liguria, Lombardy and Emilia, with variations depending on seasonality and availability of ingredients, with the vegetable world a central element. In closing, a little sweet dessert, with zesty and spicy forays.

My cooking is essential, based on the conscious use of raw materials and the balance that comes from observing, metabolizing and enhancing the peculiarities of each ingredient. Romantic yet practical, I am a spokesperson for a philosophy based on the need to interpret each ingredient to its full potential. In keeping with an ethic linked to quality that remains the cornerstone and pillar of my actions, I break down the primary structure of each food and reinterpret the elements I derive from it, proposing each as an ingredient in its own right, endowed with its own dignity and unique value.

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Anna Ghisolfi

Always in the kitchen in different contexts and paths, I decide to open the restaurant that bears my name in 2016.

It is the result of a personal, self-taught path made up of continuous lessons, updates, internships and masterclasses and gastronomic trips to the best restaurants in Italy and the world that have allowed me to absorb knowledge and skills from the elite of haute cuisine.

My curiosity never stops: driven by an insatiable instinct for novelty, my cooking follows the days, and the seasons, my inspirations.

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